Artist from Perlis, Malaysia who joined Queeky on Sunday, 31. January 2010


My name is Afiqah Jasni. I am a Malaysian townsgirl who loves drawing. One of the first things that made me have the desire to draw/create was the amazing manga series known as 'RAVE' (or 'RAVE MASTER' in most countries). I loved the series so much, I wanted to draw it on my own, but I couldn't grasp the style, so I developed my own drawing style ever since I was 9 years old, so I have about 3 years of drawing experience. I don't have high ambitions to be an artist and whatnot, but I do want to make a big commitment to the world.

CURRENT RESIDENCE} In front of my laptop at Perlis, Malaysia
INTERESTS} Rave*Saiyuki series*Death Note*Final Fantasy series
FAVOURITE MOVIE}Transformers Revenge of the Fallen*Final Fantasy VII Advent Children*The Chronicles of Narnia*Batman Forever
FAVOURITE BAND or MUSICIAN} M Nasir*Gackt*Linkin Park
FAVOURITE GENRE of MUSIC} Japanese Rock/Pop*English Rock/Pop*Malay Rock/Pop
FAVOURITE ARTIST} Hiro Mashima*Kazuya Minekura*Tetsuya Nomura*Stanley Lau*Melissa Wilson, ...
FAVOURITE STYLE of ART} Concept*Sketch*Abstract*CG
FAVOURITE GAME} Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy VII*Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core*Final Fantasy III*Final Fantasy IV*Tic Tac Toe*Scrabble*Boggle
FAVOURITE GAMING PLATFORM} PC*Playstation 2*Playstation Portable
FAVOURITE CARTOON CHARACTER} Sieg Hart*Shuda*Zakuro*Vincent Valentine*Genesis Rhapsodos*Lazard*Sephiroth, ...
PERSONAL QUOTE} "Ya gotta do yer best in everythin' to make things better!"


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