Artist from America who joined Queeky on Sunday, 2. November 2008


Just a 17 year old who loves to draw and anything that involves creating!! Took an AP art class. I may upload some of the work that I'm making. :) Keep on drawing :D


PS. Never compare yourself with others.


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Squash Still LIfe by artfreaksue
„Squash Still LIfe” by artfreaksue
Edgy Make-up by artfreaksue
„Edgy Make-up” by artfreaksue
Toph Bei Fong ( Blind Bandit) by artfreaksue
„Toph Bei Fong ( Blind Bandit)” by artfreaksue
Drawing an eye. by artfreaksue
„Drawing an eye.” by artfreaksue
Natural Beauty by artfreaksue
„Natural Beauty” by artfreaksue
Portrait Request by artfreaksue
„Portrait Request” by artfreaksue
What do you see? by artfreaksue
„What do you see?” by artfreaksue
Relax...and Dream... by artfreaksue
„Relax...and Dream...” by artfreaksue
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get your but on multidraw plz

sugar gives me brainfreeze

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i can't

i am at the library can i come over?

sugar gives me brainfreeze

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Thank you soooo much for the comment on the shar pei.

I was very pleased. I dont think he has any bones either. But i bet he is cosy and nice. Just watch out, he may drool on you, lol. Smile

Take care / Moa

(or is it drool in english ? )

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thanks for your comment !!

yours draws are so beautiful!

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Thanks for your comment on my last drawing!


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YIPPEEE mee too!!~

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Sailor Saturn

Sorry it took me a while. My lines are a little shakey today because I'm tired and was going to bed when I seen the request. I hope it is ok though.

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yes maam i am a friend of animechic! Laughing out loud not real friends but online friends if you know what i mean. ^_^

you have pretty pictures too!!~ Laughing out loud