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Hi. 101 years old guy. I really like to draw pictures.


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On being the featured Artist! Your pictures are really great, I miss being here and commenting. I hope to be here more soon. Keep up the great work!

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would you consider joining my

would you consider joining my one piece group

S omething

W e

A rtists

G ot

- Quote by Leafstorm

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woot :P

a fellow Naruto fan!

In my realm, we are on planet Plartamous. Our planet is purple, the trees are pink, the ground is jello, and we are all albino llamas with English accents.

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Hey guyverunit!

Just wanted you say, more power to you! You're one of our prolific artists here...and a cool style that's easily recognizable..."That's a 'guyver' for sure!" I'm a fan... Big smile

Do everything with LOVE...

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I know, but i think it's the

I know, but i think it's the brush, and he also learned me something about colors, how to use one at a time and afterwards connect them (: He's a great guy!

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Hot cocoa

Hey Guy, thank you for you kind comments, that was very kind of you and I appreciate it very much...Happy drawing and keep them coming..Smile

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Hallo :)

Hallo , wie geht es dir ?

Ich habe keine aktive im Sommer .. Ihre neuen Bilder sind wirklich fein Laughing out loud

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hi guyverunit

ur style is very good. i wasnt here n i looked what did u do lately. all of them r great Smile

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Thank you...

For your latest comments on my artwork. I think that you artwork continues to keep getting better and better. Come on, lets draw lots more!