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Hi. 101 years old guy. I really like to draw pictures.


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family :p

you didn't knew that goku and radditz are brothers?? and that bardock is the father of goku ?? or you are not to familiar with dbz than ?? but you can finish colouring it if you like! =D

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If u don't mind can u tell me the meaning of u r name?Just inquisitive.

Danke and good day.

Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

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Thanks for all your comments, I love your drawings Naruto is my most favorite anime ever! Keep up the Great Work!

- Life's Little Fairytale of Lies -

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Danke für das Super-Kommentar! und das Witzige mit dem Arsch..haha!

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Sometimes it's good sometimes bad, we'll just have to see (:

I'm a girl and i'm 18, sorry it's not on my profile yet.

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Thanks dude Laughing out loud

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Ohh dankeeee für den schönn komment aus meine bmw m5 !! Laughing out loud Vielen dank !

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thanks for your comments ^^ Laughing out loud and yes i know i have some more learning to do but i'm doing well so far i never done this in my life so i think i'm doing allright Laughing out loud

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thanks for ur comment! Innocent

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What your saying is....?