Artist from Germany who joined Queeky on Friday, 10. October 2008


I love to drawing and like to see how good other people can draw. I think everybody here enjoy QUEEKY:)


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thank you so much for your nice comments ! I feel so happy everytime i get your comments Smile

nice pics by the way, your mother and baby is GREAT !!

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the tree and the door are gr8

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thank you!

thanks for your comment in my draw. your gallery is so great. i like your soft colors you use in your pics.

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thank you for nice comments Smile

and i think your pics are cool, my favourite is thes sad girl and your new pic. great work !

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doch. alleine und komplett !

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Drawing takes time...

I have drawn here for quite a few months. My first drawings were not good, as I draw more I think the drawings get better. Yours will also improve the more you learn the tools here. I see your already a great improvement in your drawings since you started. Just keep drawing you will be a professional in no time.

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Thank you

I can understand you just fine. You have very good english. Thank you for the comments about my pictures, your pictures are coming along very nicely. Your sad girl is really beautiful, I just noticed that one.

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I logged into ur gallery as u r online and to my dismay have found no pics.I have posted this question to admin and so far have got no reply.I find "No pics found!" message in sjuan,spring,urs,admin"s site as well.I tried to look for pics in Fav box.Alas,all have disappeared.Can u help me?