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Artist from The South who joined Queeky on Monday, 11. February 2008


Love to draw and discover new drawing websites. Always learning from others is a fabulous thing.


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I know myself, not having the time to draw that I used to when I do complete something lately I have not posted it because of that reason. It never changes, always too many scribbles being posted. Sad

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Hi Kute! so kind of you to

Hi Kute! Smile so kind of you to take time to stop by my gallery Smile. I wish they did have a filter here on Queeky that took out all those similar post by those aspiring young artist. I get tired of sorting to find the pieces people have taken more time on. I am happy they have a passion for role play but it's not my type I'd like to see the main Gallery cleaned up a bit. I mean feelings may be hurt but what about the artist whom worked days on things then get's flush off the page I'd like to appreciate them. I wish some of those kids had more respect for art and know that they don't have to publish all those the main gallery. it dentures me from using this amazing app.

Just do your best.

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゙(゚、 。 7
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ

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wow cool!!! Big smile :3

hi my real name is sarah and i live in rumania.i am 11 years old and i like to draw and paint...that is all. ^U' :3

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Just thought I'd stop in and

Just thought I'd stop in and say hi! Smile

Congrats on the "Featured Artist"! You so deserved it. Star

Gosh, I should have at least popped in here once in awhile just to keep up with your awesomeness. Your work has always floored me and I've certainly missed a lot of superior stuff! My apologies. I don't know that I'll ever catch up on votes or comments, but, please know that I think all your work is absolutely wonderful!

Hugs my friend! Big smile

Keep the art flowin' & enjoy your day!

Miss A.

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You surely deserve being featured artist! You are such an inspiration to many of us! Keep up the lovely work and Congrats c:

Shall the cookies be with you

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Good job your featured artist!

\(•◡•)/ ᴀsᴋ

( My icon is me. Icon by Freedomguys! ♥ ♥ ♥ )

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I didn't even know I was the featured artist. That's so cool! Thank you so much Manda! Without my art I'd be crazy by now. It keeps me sane. Thank again!

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Yay to you for being featured artist! You're such an inspiration and your art is amazing!

Just do your best.

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no prob

no prob for the fav, thanks for the comment and vote on my "realistic girl" picture. i guess its good. it was my secong human picture i have ever drawn... unless stick ppl count. Big smile THANKS AGAIN

I'm not just willing, I get to be the other half of you. <3