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I still feel like I am new to digital art. I was opposed to it for soooooooo long but have a new found love for it. I know I am not the best artist in the world by any means and I would love to become better, and with that said to get there I need real critism, so please don't be editted in your comments. I don't want anything tooo harsh but real constructive critism is appreciated....Thank you...


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nice gallery

keep going!


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Thank You!

Thank You! to everyone who has said something to me... I love the feedback i would love to have some constructive critism though... This only makes one better so please be nice not tooooo harsh but honest and harsh enough to create a structure to build upon.


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I like your

paintings, Nedeeb...they're well done...and I can feel you're painting from the heart...glad you joined Queeky! Smile

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