Artist from Somewhere around the Deleware Water Gap who joined Queeky on Wednesday, 7. December 2011


I still feel like I am new to digital art. I was opposed to it for soooooooo long but have a new found love for it. I know I am not the best artist in the world by any means and I would love to become better, and with that said to get there I need real critism, so please don't be editted in your comments. I don't want anything tooo harsh but real constructive critism is appreciated....Thank you...


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Sleeping Christmas Bear by nedeeb
„Sleeping Christmas Bear” by nedeeb
Gifts by nedeeb
„Gifts” by nedeeb
UGH! by nedeeb
„UGH!” by nedeeb
Bad Moon Rising by nedeeb
„Bad Moon Rising” by nedeeb
fAErIE by nedeeb
„fAErIE” by nedeeb
Janice  Floyd Holidays by nedeeb
„Janice Floyd Holidays” by nedeeb
Bear by nedeeb
„Bear” by nedeeb
Random Eye 2 by nedeeb
„Random Eye 2” by nedeeb
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nice gallery

keep going!


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Thank You!

Thank You! to everyone who has said something to me... I love the feedback i would love to have some constructive critism though... This only makes one better so please be nice not tooooo harsh but honest and harsh enough to create a structure to build upon.


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I like your

paintings, Nedeeb...they're well done...and I can feel you're painting from the heart...glad you joined Queeky! Smile

Do everything with LOVE...