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Hi, dear Gaby! Disconnected,

Hi, dear Gaby! Disconnected, this is the fitting word, yes, alone and disconnected...I've tried to open Sumo, but this little wheel is only turning and turning and this makes me crazy. I understand your disposition, especially when the weather is so humid, I know, and I feel it in my bones very strong...I have the impression I wanted to fly and something or somebody has interrupt my fly suddenly and brutelly, now I don't know where I must go...How good you're not alone on Google, I've tried to use it too, but something was not Ok, I couldn't sign in, so I've renounced and resigned...I've looked for you there, but I didn't see any new creations, only some from January, I think... Have a good, very good Evening and night , my dear!

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I am so happy u got my

I am so happy u got my message!! Yes it is quite awful plus our weather is overbearing with humidity!! Really feeling disconnected from the world ha ha!! I know what you mean of feeling alone! Birgit, Bibitta, LFC and Hallbe were on Google plus which made me feel better but still not the same. The worst is not knowing when or what for Sumo!!!?? I have been working on Sumo Paint so at least I have brushes and posted works on Google! I wish you to do the same. I'll be checking back soon for you dear!! Lots of love 2 u Limar!! We are all feeling blue about it all Sad Such an uncertainty!!! xoxoxoxoxo Love Smile Laughing out loud

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein

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Good Morning, dear Gaby, I am

Good Morning, dear Gaby, I am very grateful for your message. I couldn't log in, I've thought Sumo is again down, what a pity, I am sure it will take a couple of days till they improve the program, it's bitter...Where are you in these days, I hope here...I am quite alone , without you all...Have a good day, even Sumo doesn't function!

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Hi Julia!! Sumo is down for

Hi Julia!! Sumo is down for now!!We are not happy!! A few of us was on Google plus earlier!! Let's hope for the best!! Love 2 u xoxoxoxoxoxo

Smile Love

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein

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I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my gallery. You are super talented and your votes and comments meant a lot

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Missing Sumo

Dear Limar!!! Sumo will be back today or tomorrow!!! I sent emails to Lauri and at last I got reply today!!!

He promised more info later, so I think it's the new Sumo they are fixing now!!! How are you my dear?

I have met Gaby, Hallbe, JJ, Bibitta, Birgit, Rachel, Weirling (Candace) Kindre and Lili on Queeky+,

but it isn't as fun as on Sumo, when you can't create on the same site!!! Have a beautiful weekend my dear friend!!!

Love and hugs, LFC

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Hi dear,the other site is

Hi dear,the other site is again down! Sad

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life " O.Wilde

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Thank you for welcome

Hi dear Limar, I don't know if I'll be much here, all my time goes with trying to keep Sumo up!!! Ha ha!!! Hope your beginning of this year has been good, beautiful works from you is seen only here!!! Gaby has a new challenge, come and have a look!!! New link is: - Love, LFC

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Hello, dear Lathyrus, my old

Hello, dear Lathyrus, my old friend! I am so happy to see you here...Welcome, welcome! I hope you'll have much fun creating here, hurra, I am not alone...

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Happy New Year, dear Katy!I

Happy New Year, dear Katy!I am glad to see you again! I wish you a beautiful weekend!