Artist from Calgary AB who joined Queeky on Sunday, 24. July 2011


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Grand to hear from you. I have emailed you from my gmail.

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Hi Weirling!!

Glad to find you here!! I am not used to this site at all. Gaby pointed the way. We have been hanging out on google + a lot. If you want to try it out, just send me your email and I'll invite you.

I still keep hoping sumo will come back. When I have more time I will explore queeky more.

Take care!



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frantically searching

HI Gaby:

Am I glad that you have found me. No fun being cut off from people who have quickly become like family. Yippee!! C

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I'm slow

What a nice quote! It really is different but I hoping that it will be all to the good. Nice to be here.

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Oh hello!

I thought I recognized that style. It is very different here than Sumo! Nice place to be a member glad you decided to join us here.

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Hi CW It is me Gaby!!

Hi CW It is me Gaby!! Everyone is asking about you>>

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" Einstein

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What Fun

Still exploring. Very different from Sumo, not only in that it is up and working, but also in the image effects. Of course, there is great work being done here.