Mossfire's journal

Part two: Leaving Home. (Flickerflash)

Flickerflash pushed herself to her paws and padded slowly to the leaders den. She received many stares from her clanmates, most likely because she hadn't left the medicine den for almost three moons. She ignored the other cats and walked over to Gingerstar's den. "Gingerstar?" she called softly.

"Flickerflash?" Gingerstar called back. "Just a moment."

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Part one: Leaving Home (Flickerflash)

Flickerflash stood in the middle of the forest. An uneasy silence filled the world around her. She was calm, though she didn't know exactly why. Then another cat stepped from the brambles. The dark ginger tom padded closer to her and still there was no sound. "Where am I?" she tried to ask but no sound came out of her open mouth.

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Part two:Flickerflash's beginning

The aroma of fresh herbs surrounded Flickerflash in a swirling cloud. She breathed deeply inhaling the minty scent.

She sighed softly and streached her front paws, kneading the moss she was laying on. A purr rose in her throat as she relaxed. She'd always been so busy with the kits she hadn't ever had time just to lounge.

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Part one: Flickerflash's beggining

"RUN!!!!!" Braveheart yelled as the flames came closer to the nursery.
"No!!!! My kits are in there." Flickerflash snarled back. "I'll never leave them. I'm surprised you would even ask. Those are your kits too." She was appaled at her mate. Braveheart had never asked her to do anything so heartless. To let her own blood burn..... It wasn't an option.

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