free drawing sites

made using sketchfu
i first found this site summer 09 and i love it. it has simple tools and is a great way to start online drawing. with a comunity feel, every draw is published so that others can coment and cheer your have a locking option so that others cant use your work or you can leave it unlocked so that others may use your work! great sharing site! has a brilliant team of moderators who are fantastic at dealing with problems that may arise around the site! also has apps for topical drawing. simple good fun.
this site was just released. made by the creators of sketchfu, muzy acts as a sister site to sketchfu. muzy is a great idea, you can draw, collage and make booklets which you can sell to others and gain points which you can use to buy others members items to use yourself. its got a great homepage in which you can post status updates a bit like facebooks news wall. the site s new so the creators are asking for members input for making it even better. cool idea, cool people, cool site and its freeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!