How to Down load my work?... And idea for an ongoing cartoon blog or page

How is it possible to download my work from my own gallery page with the new Queeky?

Also, regarding the blogs, is it possible to create a regular visual stream or blog that is in the form of a cartoon periodical or syndicated cartoon publication on Queeky? I am restarting an "Art-Toon" that used to be published in a Washington D.C Arts magazine a few years back. I would like to create it online with Queeky Paint and perhaps stream it on Queeky.
Is the Blog the best way? If so how do you post the cartoon to go with the text? Or another option is to simply download the artwork and copy them to my own website which I am building. I could then link it to my Queeky page I guess. In any event, I need to be able to download it from Queeky for a hard copy portfolio.

What are your thoughts? Do you think others would like a cartoon page much like what we find in the Sunday papers here in the states? One with features by artists interested in this type of expression?

Many thanks for your assistance and for Queeky!

jerome, az, usa

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To download your work, click on the thumbnail you want to download, then mouseover "share this" left beyond the pic.

There you will find a link to the JPG image.

About your cartoon idea: blog your pics would be one way (when you create a blog post (my account -> create blog entry) you can attach images, so in your case first download the JPGs and then upload to your blog entry), other way you could create a group and name it "Art-toon", set members to "closed" or "invite only" and then attach your images (by first creating the group, then edit your wanted cartoon images and attach to the group). In this case the drawings will be replayable Smile

Looking forward to your work,

greetings, PH