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I've got one!

Her name is Rena Hayashi.

Appearance- Sky blue hair, a giant front fringe that stops just above her black eyes. She has clumps of hair on either side of her face tied at the bottom with a red bobble. She is thin, has a red long sleeved shirt, a black short skirt, black school shoes, and wears a yellow locket.

Personality- She's quite sad as her parents went missing and her guardian died, so maybe if you put tears in her eyes?

Thank you!

~Trucy: Child of Magic~

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Make mineOC

PLEASE ???????

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I don't know what an OC is..

I don't know what an OC is.. O.o

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MysticalUnicornFart wrote:
I don't know what an OC is.. O.o

OC stands for Original Character Smile

~Trucy: Child of Magic~

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no one want ?




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Do not be sad, you can make

Do not be sad, you can make one for me and I'll put it in my deviantID

if you want of course ... Big smile

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