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Hey...I just found out there's a possibilty to use a photo guide from your computer and trace that photo..
I think this feature should be removed.

I mean..this is an online drawing community right?
So the challenge is, to create drawings online, I think being able to trace any picture doesnt match that idea.

Coz, basically everyone can just trace over an image..there's nothing artistic about that.
And yes, I think its cheating, not only to others, but especially to yourself.

If someone really wants to copy an existing picture (coz he/she likes it or w/e), i think, this person has to copy by looking at it.
(like you do, when you draw a portrait as in traditional art). There are already so many chances for people to simply trace images and sell them as their own, I think Queeky should offer honest artists to prove their skills - by creating online drawings without being able to trace over images.

Of course, not everyone uses this cheating tool, but I think, we should give everyone the same conditions - imagine two artists:
One is copying and tracing all time, while the other uses his own imagination and skills. Artist No1 traced his image very well and the reference looked epic, while Artist No2's work lacks some professionalism, even though the idea was pretty cool. Whose work would attract more views, rates,. comments?
I suggest, the one which looks more proffesional.

But is it fair? I mean, every child can trace. Is art determined by "who copies best" or imagination?

Are you artistic enough to abandon the photo guide and start drawing honestly?

(Ok, sorry for the rant, but it's just what I think about this topic. This post wasn't made to offend people who trace, but think about those questions)


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Thank you Starzshine

You speak out for many..sadly it only took a couple of people to whine and complain to get that tool removed. It was a tool that was offered to be used by queeky but suddenly it is considered pathetic..I also said that you either have talent or you don't and if you don't have talent the photo guide is not going to help you much. I have seen drawings that were outlined using the photo guide and it clearly shows that they traced and it looks choppy and uneven. The photo guide simply helped some to do the things you spoke of, it does not duplicate the pic for them, they are the one who creates it.

There is always some underlying reason for people to stir up problems. I don't have to mention all of those reasons because we all know what they are and I feel sorry for those who have nothing better to do than throw a power trip dictating how others should do things, or criticize the use of the tool because they feel threatened. I personally don't hold any grudges towards those who complain because I can't be angry at someone who is obviously struggling with their own insecurities..

Not everyone is blessed with a natural talent to draw, many have to work very hard to create what they do and those are the people I admire the most.. A reason given why not to use the photo guide was because this is a drawing community...So what does that mean exactly??? To me an online drawing community means a place to come to meet others with similar interests, to learn from watching others draw and to learn by using the tools made available by this site. I didn't realize that it was a place for only those who think they are the masters of art. To claim that someone is cheating when using the photo guide, assuming that everyone traces (and who really cares if they do) who uses the photo guide is just silly, quite sad actually. Unless you are blind and creating masterpieces you are using some form of guide be it a photo in front of you, the view outside your window or a grid..even your own imagination comes from something you have seen and stored in your brain at one time or another in your life time.

I must say that if the Photo guide is cheating then isn't using any other tools offered other than the pen or brush also cheating? maybe those should all be removed also.. How many people come here because of loneliness and have discovered the joy of drawing, who have found a family of friends that brighten their days with encouraging comments even if they don't draw that well?, how many people come here for therapeutic reasons, unable to do normal activities because of pain or the many other ailments that affect many out there? How many people discovered that they were able to draw something they could feel good about while using the help of the photo guide? This World is not black and white PPL, it is full of so much variety, All types of people and skill levels.. To stand up and claim that it is unfair to you because someone is able to draw fairly well or maybe even as well if not better than you while using a tool only shows your insecurity and it is not very becoming..

People need to learn to LIVE AND LET LIVE, what is it hurting you? Try looking outside of your own self-centered little box for a change and see that maybe this one thing that upsets you (selfishly) so much has for many brought much joy.. Maybe a bit over the top here but I get so tired of people picking at such silliness when there are so many terrible things going on all around us..It's a "DRAWING COMMUNITY" for crying out loud. Liberate people with encouragement, love and kindness in how ever they choose to draw or to learn how to draw.. Don't hinder their ability to help themselves to find some peace, harmony and fun without having to listen to someone piss and moan about the use of a tool and worse getting it removed, a tool that you obviously don't understand.

I appreciate what you had to say Starzshine and wish others would stand up and speak out also when something like this happens. Never should a few ppl have the right to change something that affects so many just by crying about it..I have seen how the photo guide has helped many beginners on here and all it can do is help them to learn to draw better. but again I have to say WHO CARES whether they use the photo guide, a grid or a pic next to their drawings.. it's all the same..Children learn to write their alphabet in grade school by tracing over the letters and numbers on a sheet of paper daily, how many adults do you see packing around a copy of the alphabet to trace over when signing a check or writing a letter?? Exactly, they don't because they learned by tracing and so would these young artists (those who actually traced with the photo guide) have learned to draw eventually. It's not about that though is's about who is getting what and who isn't. It's always about greed of one sense or another unfortunately..

Some of those who are complaining are the ones who aren't getting the ratings or comments they want or placing in the top rated and that is simply because they don't rate or comment other people's work.. Clearly the rating system proves that out. This is simply a place to come and enjoy yourselves, if you are not enjoying yourselves and are upset all of the time because you keep seeing the same artists on top and not yourself then that is all on YOU. Try commenting on other peoples drawings, try being friendly, try rating other peoples work and see what happens..If your going to come here and do nothing but expect everyone to notice and love you it ain't gonna happen honey.. Jealousy is very ugly and does not belong here. You get out what you put in..Karma can be a B but very real.. Most people on here have made their friends on queeky and are "popular" as some put it because they are so sweet, Kind, they leave positive comments, no nasty little comments, they rate drawings, and draw well. It's that simple..So now that the photo guide is gone what is going to be the next EXCUSE..the same people are still rated the same without the guide... Think about it.. the only ones really hurt here are the beginners and that to me just stinks..

If I upset anyone well... That is not my intent and I won't say I am sorry but I will say that maybe you should re-think your values and try loving a bit more and hating a lot less..AND PICK YOUR BATTLES a bit more seriously..Let people draw how ever they can, the beauty is in the willingness to try. And how dare anyone claim that it is a tool that makes an artist..Wow that is some ego..

Ok sorry I wrote so much but hey that is what was on my mind. Queeky is a great place to come to draw, to learn and to make friends, Lets keep it that way. If you agree then speak up when it matters. Big smile

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I thought it was working just

with this new version of qweeky!!LOL> I'm an old lady than... I have been to busy drawing out of my redundant fantasy, and discover this application on a drawing from Kute.. who specify it is from a picture. I myself cannot copy, never even wanted, as I think that me, and my vision is different from reality vision, I always want to change something...Surely I don't consider Artistic to simply colour a picture, although great artists used this for centuries. For me the creation out of Fantasy is the ART.But this is only me..To copy a subject alive needs great skills, then is Art, to use a picture as a base is not Art. But in here, we can reach many goals, among them surely is to learn more, so pictures can be a great tool, but it should be announced as just being honest, and picture original should be seen on the re-play.I hardly know about all the possibilities offered by this fantastic site, and hope that all of us can be pushed by the tools to improve and give more of our vision to other.I used and published two real picture I took my self in Italy, mostly to show the beauty of the subject, just for you all, or those who could be interested.

Pictures or not, I can say that Qweeky has given me so much...Thank you Qweeky and all the Artists !!!!!


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i never knew that queeky had

i never knew that queeky had a photo guide.even now i don't know.

I'm a just a 12 year old kid, here to learn from experts~

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I never even knew there was the option until I found out about a month ago and then I did the Queen. I think it is a good tool and useful - It saves plenty of time if you are struggling with a mouse like I use to make sure proportions are correct -then yes get rid of it and finish the drawing yourself. I do not think cheating is involved - are doctors cheating because they use X-ray machines instead of guessing that you have cancer? I think it is ridiculous to judge other people's work by this criteria - the end result is as important as the process.

Have a wonderful day!

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Well said...

I couldn't have said it better Bridget. Everyone is different and everyone has his/her own process of creating works of beauty. There is a lot of controversy over this but to each his own and who chooses to use it should not be judged by the ones that don't choose to use it. As always since I joined Queeky I find it to be useful. I think that was one of the reasons I chose to make Queeky my favorite site along with the people and the general atmosphere. It doesn't matter to me one way or another if it is stated that I use the photo guide on some pictures or not. Why is it such a big deal to others, as I do not judge others by the content that they draw or their style. Art is a personal choice and if everyone were the same the Art world would be a very boring and ugly place. Love

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I agree wholeheartedly Bridget ...

... pictures are now tagged that the photoguide has been used - but it doesn't say how it has been used!

I have never traced my final piece when I have used it - in the early days on Queeky I have used light and shadow to block out on a reference layer (which has then usually been deleted or hidden so not part of the final picture) and then have worked the picture up based on that and a visual on the photoguide. More recently if I have used it I have had a small photo at the side of my canvas as a reference - so clearly not traced.

Using these reference tools has really helped me develop my confidence and my eye for light and shadow to define edges ... which in a painting is critical since there is no black outline to give us a clue.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

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I agree wholly with KO. She said everything I wish I could.

So many of the "artists" on here are tracing their way into the spotlight, not a hard feat to do with this "photo guide" tool. And very few of them ever actually credit the original picture they used, how is that not mendacious? I agree with Flippo's idea of adding a tag at the bottom of a drawing to show whether or not the artist used this feature. But personally I think we should just remove it altogether.

I can't see how this photo guide tool can be used honestly, there's no inbetween of tracing other's art. You can't just, trace a little bit and then draw the rest and that be okay, it's still tracing. Sure, it could help you draw landscapes better, but so can referencing, and that's not tracing other's art. This photo guide tool is like a cheat sheet for getting around trying to draw with your own skill.

Art is where imagination becomes form and substance. It matters because we make it.

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Not that I'm saying God didn't, but along your last line of reasoning I feel compelled to ask. Did God not give your mind the sense to draw your own works, as well? My point is that there is a great number of people on here, outlining others pictures to "draw their own". And on topic of choosing colors, why would you need a color picker if you drew original pieces? "outlining" a drawing then choosing the colors, then coloring it in, seems like cheating to me Laughing out loud

Forgive me if I do not understand but you did not explain to heartily.

You said to Bridget, "Why is it such a big deal to others, as I do not judge others by the content that they draw or their style".

Judging someone for copying anothers work of art, is entirely more justified than judging someone for having their own style. Art is a personal choice, and I bet the better half of the artists that drew/photographed the pictures people trace, did not choose to be copied.