tribute to MJ

micheal jackson was known everywhere. not just in the usa, around the world where ppl who didnt even speak english sang to the words of his songs. everyone knows that his music had feeling and there would b no one who doesnt think that. and his songs werent about getting money or drinking or whatever, they spoke the truth. he was a great person everyone knows that, i mean he got put in the guiness book of world records for donating loads of his money to loads of charities. he was the king of pop and we love him and miss him, post here for a tribute to him.


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tribute to mj

really good idea. a group that collects drawings of michael by queeky artists. i agree with this idea.

he's gone too soon like a song he used to sing. i'm sad.

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Michael Jackson

Yes, he was an great artist and a fighter for human rights.

He always worked for bringing people together.

Why don't you create a "Tribute to Michael Jackson" group?