WarriorCat RP

If you have read or heard of the warrior series.... make up you're warrior name... but start as a kit first. and the first person to talk here gets to by deputy, the second gets to be med (optional. and the rest kits..


i am you're clan leader, call me by the name of LilacStar!!! (lilac for short)
promise me one thing, to stay loyal to the clan, protect all things in it, and the cats living there.

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cheesehead1875's picture

my cat is dead eye

Name:Deadeye (her name will never change)

Personality:Likes to explore and is a good fighter

Looks like:Grey kitten has one blue eye and the other eye is completly white and had a scar(thats why her name is deadeye)

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No one ever seems to be online when i am Sad I would have loved to join though :3

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I love Warriors! Anyone joining this other than me?


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sigh* this was going to be fail clan anyways