... Aslan ...

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Love very much like the work of a favorite artist known as Titusboy25. Well done. I'm looking forward to becoming half as knowledgeable and talented as you. Love

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Better than the movie...

Amazing, it reminds me of Lion King, I think this epic art fits Mufasa more than Aslan...

btw I thought the title was named "Asian" at first, because I thought that maybe a lion has something to do with Asia or something, and I also learned that Narnia hasn't amazed me as a movie... I mean I mistaked Aslan for Asian.... with a draw of Aslan right next to it... I mean how did I miss that...

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Simply stunning!!...any thoughts on the Genie yet?...lol...great draw Damian!!

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WOW!! It's .. it's

Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars WOW!! It's .. it's incredibley done. Very beautiful!!!Laughing out loud Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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lion, this like photoshop Smile

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THAT'S AWESOME!!! Laughing out loud

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i like the movie and your

i like the movie and your work here..

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Mind Blowing

It really is! Just amazing! Shock

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Great work!

Five stars for you my friend Big smile


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i didnt see this

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