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I rarely

use "layers" in my work, but I layer them myself by sketching, then filling in, then adding more and more details in a layering technique. I work from fat to lean so to speak. Thank you for your comment DashtheCheetah. Laughing out loud

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Thanks for the tip!

I'll keep that technique in mind. It looks SO realistic!

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Maybe you can make a cheetah, just requesting! Smile

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thank you FeatheReflection

thank you FeatheReflection Laughing out loud

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Wow... at first I thought

Wow... at first I thought this was a photograph... O.O


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I used

a photo for reference because this is a Red European Eagle Owl - and who knows what they look like?

Thank you for thinking it was a photo, Leafstorm, though: it took me about 7 or 8 hours to do!


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its looks so real....So

its looks so real....So beutiful

Love your enemies! It will make them more angry.

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Thank you

ponyotta2 Smile

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Absolutely Outstanding

Wonderful detail!

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Thank you again