Tribute to L.S. Lowry ← a celebritys drawing by Kindre

Tribute to L.S. Lowry

Sun, 19/02/2012 - 15:00
ID: 167387

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ploiesteana's picture

Hello, dear friend, first I

Hello, dear friend, first I must thank you for this new name for me, I 've googled it and I am astonished about his art, a very interesting and original one! These crowded paintings, people moving and agitated about their life, great images! Second I must say a good work of you, again and again!

kindre's picture

Hello my dear friend

Hello my dear friend Ploiesteana! I saw his biography on Discovery and was fascinated! There is something obsessive and beautiful works in it! Thank you for your wonderful words!

danila's picture
kindre's picture

Thank you my dear friend

Thank you my dear friend Danila, for everything!