Who wants Hot Chocolate?

“A cup of Hot Chocolate for my Queeky Friends”
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I want it ... ohh... its so

Tongue I want it ... ohh... its so real ...the cream is fantastic ... so is the glass ...

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i want to eat it Tired it looks so good

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indeed superb, every single detail; is superb!!! Five stars Five stars Five stars a fav


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Who wants Hot Chocolate?

Thanks marilens...I'm thirsty now Smile

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Oh my,

that so makes me want a hot chocolate.~

It's so realistic and perfect. (:


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It's so realistic...

...it's like i can reach out and grab it! Amazing. Laughing out loud Five stars

Ooo, words go here too?

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I agree very realistic. Just

I agree very realistic.

Just joined but I had to comment.

It looks like a photo, not a drawing but its looks delicious too:)

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YUMMAYNESS!!!! Laughing out loud

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Five stars I thought it was a photo at first!DEFINETLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Big smile

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wait a minute, that's not a

wait a minute, that's not a photo? haha amazing job!

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