Winter Leaves ← a landscape drawing by Kutedymples in group „What a beautiful scenery!!!”

Winter Leaves

There is always some color left on the leaves when it starts to snow, frost. The last bit of beautiful fall. I used a reference photo by the way and the photographer's name is David Bales. I found this from a Facebook page that I am subscribed to. Thanks for looking.
Thu, 26/01/2012 - 20:34
ID: 164431

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lueese's picture


Really <3 this 1, so real! Not that that's always the aim in art, but just lovely, really Smile


BITZA's picture

MAMMA MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS

MAMMA MIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS VERY REAL!

liviela's picture

Awesome job ^;^

This picture brings back cold memories.Smile Brrrrr (shivers)I think i'm gonna have to grab my jacket Wink

marky's picture

Very nice, the pic really

Very nice, the pic really captures crisp

of those leaves, Wink great work kutedymples. Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

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