Amber City Rp

Rules Of Amber City Rp
If your a Cop You must be 18 or older and if you see the sheet cross out gang and number please and for job fill in anything else-
If you are a Criminal you sigh the whole sheet BUT there is no using the same weapon or do not copy or get any idea from somebodies character including mine,be creative use your own imagination :3
Jobs for Criminals:
-Message sender
-drug or just a dealer
-Painter(sorry no one can have that job its been taken :I)
if you are a normal person who walks around the city please cross out number and gang
and you may have any job
and on the sheet draw your wepon please
anybody is welcomed to join BUT you can only make 3 characters total
there is no copying or idea stealing -we need and more guys just putting that out there XD_
please enjoy your time here I will be posting more imformation of Amber City in my journal Smile
~*anybody is welcomes to join,and if you join you best be roleplaying with us :D*~

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Duke passed off the sleeping Cammillia to Demien, "apply pressure to her wound," he smiled, heading towards the entrance.

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Cammillia stayed pressed to the seat, a leg at the bottom of the seat in front of her, which helped protect her from banging her nose to the back of the seat when the car gave a sudden jump, "Get.Your.Hand.Out.Of.My.Face.And.Help.Me.Out.Of.The.Seat," She said sternly, her nails had dug through the fabric as she slowly plucked them out, although she remained in the back of the seat, she opened her door, breathing hard, her leg had hit the space between her seat and the door, causing the already screwed up knee to swell more, the pain making her teeth clench.

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Damien felt his back press against the seat as the car leapt forward at a heart stopping speed. "Sweet baby Jesus Damien!", he exclaimed, heart pounding. He wasn't shocked enough to snatch his taser back though. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and held it out to Cammilia. "Either I'm gonna do it, or you will", he said sternly, fixing her with a gaze.

Kenna kept silent, satisfied enough by his answer.


Cammillia scooted over to make more room for Damien, while Duke started the engine again, "Buckle up," He muttered, "We're gonna go fast," he said wearily, adjusting his mirror, Cammillia raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean by fa-" she didnt finish, before Duke hit the pedal, sending the car flying forward, he turned on the sirens, and headed down the main street, Traffic wasnt busy, He turned a normally 30 minuet trip into 10 minuets, Cammillia clutched the seat in a vice-like grip, refusing to move, her eye twitching.

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Leo shrugged, "I feel like i was electracuted," he said, a bit too comfortably.

Cammillia chuckled lightly, watching Duke quickly file out of the police car. Cammillia timidly handed him his tasar, and relaxed in the seat, ignoring the fact he had called her "cam"



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