Welcome to the Awesomes group! I will be your director, and I will be telling you every detail about Awesomes group! This will be our first meeting, so lets get to know each other. My name is Lauren, and I love to draw (that's why I'm on here), ride horses, and watch TV. My favorite color is Blue, and my favorite food is speghetti (I hope I spelled that right) Some of my favorite books are the warrior cat series, and King of the Wind. (its a horse book)
Now that we got to know each other, lets talk about what we are going to do today. Today we will be talking about events coming up in the real world.
Okay, if you like horses, this topic is hot for you! I will be going to horse camp at Twin Acres! This year's theme is Circus Preformance! This year we get to tack/ride horses at the Circus, and before the Circus, we get to do all the fun activities (as usual) at Twin Acres. Then, at the Graduation Party, we get to go swimming, and get pizza! That is pretty cool.
Okay, now this second topic is cool to! Some of you will be happy about this, and some of you might NOT be happy about this. (I'm pretty happy about this so...) Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) only has one more year of torturous episodes of her show! yeah! (some say its gonna be exciting, but I don't trust those peeps) Then she goes to her new show, LOL: Laugh Out Loud. Miley is sick and teired of playing her "goody two shoes Miley" in Hannah Montana, and doesn't want to be singing for a whole bunch of quote "five year olds" So she is quiting her job as Hannah Montana, but keeps her talent of Miley Cyrus. (I'm sure a whope bung of "five year olds" will NOT be happy with Hannah)
Okay, so that is the latest news that I got. Now as me, I'm pretty excited about Twin Acres, wich reminds me...

There is a horse at Twin Acres, that is brand new, that they bought! His name is Benny, and with my luck, I was the first one to ride him! So technically, he's my horse! He is a leopard pattern Appaloosa, and he is SO cute! His trot is really fast, so I don't want to know what his canter feels like. Anyway, I get to ride him on the (6th) of June! Yeah! I hope nobody is riding him then...

Anyway, thats all for today, so bye!

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