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MeloDIE stared at the drawing, "I-I shouldnt, I wont really get to see it after this, so whats the point," she sighed, leaning against a tree, something clawed at her face, "AHH!" She shrieked, falling over, a huge pit formed in the ground, grabbing Mell by the leg, and dragging her in, "ZALGO!! LET GO!" SHe shrieked.


A family picture, every once a year I make a new drawing of the creepypasta family and we hang it out, want to be in it and help? you don't need to be good at drawing ben walks in, Hey guys did ou here about the new ps5? yea mellie shouted! She walked up to him and kicked him out before Jeff came in....


MeloDIE felt embarrassed, "I-I didnt know, this is the first time he let me out," She mumbled, as she floated over there, "What?" She mewed.


MeloDIE all of creepypastas call him daddy slender, right guys all of them but jeff, Yea... it's ok while she mumbled got shes a pain how does slender put up with her.... Mellie draws a picture of all of them while she is waiting, Hey MeloDIE come here, she waved wanna be in my picture I am making?


Mell's eyes twitched, "D-Did you just say daddy slender," She murmered, turning to her father, "Daddy, you have a little explaining to do," Slender laughed, before running away, Mell floated, luring her daddy back, "Is this your biological daughter?" She growled, turning to Mellie.



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