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Welcome to Flower Lovers Group!

This group is for people that love flowers, drawing and looking at flowers. You are welcome to submit new flower drawings and look at the pictures that are in the group. Feel free to rank the photos and comment on others artwork. Don't be shy! Everyone can draw beautiful flowers, they are all around us. Draw lots, be nice to your fellow member and have fun.

Group founded by kutedymples

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Submit some drawings everyone!   2 Comments

I noticed we have a very large group now and nobody is submitting any drawings. I would love to see everyones drawings that are Related to the group. Please do not submit anything but flowers to the flowers group. And if you submit anything to the Constructive Criticism group please let it be something that you honestly want criticism on.

Come on guys.....we need to get interactive!!

If there is a picture that does not pertain to either group that is submitted, I will delete the picture from the group.

Welcome   1 Comment

Welcome to all of the new members. I think we are off to a great start! I can't wait to see beautiful creations from you all!

Group description thumbnail   3 Comments

Hello Kute,
I wondered if you want to attach an image to your flowers group description?
If so, go to your group, klick on EDIT and there you can attch an image, same like in a blog entry ...

Greetings, PH

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