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You: "What is RAVE?"
Me!: -sipping on tea and suddenly spit it all over the place- "YOU DON'T KNOW?!"
You: -scared- "Er...n-n-no sir!"
Me!: "I'm a girl, damn it!"
You: "I'm sorry, ma'am! I do not know what RAVE is, ma'am!"
Me!: -clears the mess and sits back down- "Well! RAVE is an awesome manga series created by Hiro Mashima, an awesome storyteller and artist! But it's very, very overrated! It needs more L-O-V-E!! Have you read Fairy Tail yet?!"
You: "N-no, ma'am!"
Me!: "Schlecht! Well, you should read RAVE first, then that giddy new so-called popular manga of his! RAVE beats any manga in the whole wide world, hands down!"
You: "...but the art style is so..."
Me!: "You calling it crappy?! Be honest, man!"
You: "N-no, ma'am!"
Me!: "Well, you're damn right its crappy. But that's just the visuals! It gets better in the end! So, are ya joining, kiddo?!"
You: "N-no, ma'am---"
You: "Y-yes ma'am, yes ma'am!"
Me!: "Good!"

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