How do you do?

Cups are hard to paint!

As well as being a greeting "How do you do ....?" is a question asked from time to time on Queeky - "How do you do THAT?" ... THAT could be using the clone tool to make frogs eggs or smiley faces ... THAT could be creating 3d forms with light and shadow ... THAT could be making water look wet ... THAT could be making clouds ... okay you get the idea?

This group is about looking at all the THATs which we come across and having some fun challenging ourselves to finding out how do you do THAT and seeing how many different ways the same THAT can be expressed in our art ...

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The Meerkat has joined us ...  

I keep looking for ways to improve texture ... and I was quite happy with Alexander (I am reliably informed it must be he because Sergei wears glasses!). He is nicely furry and the background looks suitably sandy. So this week HOW DO YOU DO TEXTURE?

I'll put some tool tips in a blog later in the week but how about showing off your favourite texture technique in one of your pictures in the meantime?

So here's a little challenge - how do you do TREES?   3 Comments

Right so most of us know what trees look like don't we? They come in many shapes and sizes.

I am really fascinated by how trees are done in pictures ... from those lollipop style tress of early childhood and impressionist art to a really detailed fir tree with every needle drawn in (well it seems that way)

It would be great to create a forest of different Queeky trees?

How do you do VEGETATION?  

Okay I have changed the challenge title slightly - perhaps asking how to do GRASS isn't wise in the modern day? So last week was trees and there is a common link here with that because the brush I describe below is the same one I use to create distant forests.

There is a great grass blade brush here on Queeky, but if it is used too big it does create a slightly cartoony feel ... so how to make grass look more real? Here's my tip:



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