Invader Zim Fans

invader zim

well hello there human-worm-baby's Big smile and welcome to my group, fill free to join or leave the group as you please, irkens alike among the humans as well can be in one peace among one another here, so please have fun and enjoy your stay Smile

silly little rules. Innocent

1. no pulling antenna's, hairs, and that goes with the other breeds out there too! Sad
2. no fireing at each other with out the aid of a medical drone. Shock
3. do not blow up food drones, sir units. Stare
4. no being rude to the other breeds. Shock
5. be-kind to others and do not make drama. Sad
the last and only, 6. have fun and enjoy your stay. Party

to those who like zadr - zim and dib romance. tadr - tak and dib romance. gazr - gaz and zim romance. rapr - red and purple romance. zatr - zim and tak romance. tagr - tak and gaz romance. and all thee others out there. fill free to join aswell