Original Manga/Anime Characters

Manga Picture ( From Cyber Idol Mink Manga)

Hello Artists!
This Group is for anyone who has made an original Character (Drunk, and wants to share them with other original
Artists. You're welcome to make Comics and Paintings/Drawings. Rules are Below-
Group Owner:

Rules: Star
#1 Inappropriate art is NOT excepted here.

#2 DO NOT Claim someone's Character as yours.
( this is for Original Characters, not for ones copied
by others originality).

#3 ALWAYS, be respectful to other Group Members, and critiques are welcome,
but, try not to put people's creations down.

As long as these rules are followed, you are absolutely welcome in this Group! Smile

Group founded by PinkyWing

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Did you know?  

Did you know there is a contest? your free to join if you want it starts 8/17/2012 and doesn't end untill i say so so you should join if you want ! Smile



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