The Inverse

Blackened Sun (Found on Google)

• Its been many months since I last seen the sun. And the dark keeps chilling the once beautiful island of Angia. •

"It was called the Inverse. The plaque. It caused internal darkness and killed thousands of people. My hometown was in the Inverse. The inverse caused our plants to wilt, our crops to die, and worst, it caused the sun to go black. Its been months since I felt its warm glow. My once tanned skin has gone bleach. My name is Nevedai Winters and only I know how to save Angia from the destruction i caused. Only, I cant fix it. Im too sick, and on the verge of death. I heard foreigners were coming soon. They could help? right? I left clues, obvious hints to help save my people. And return the sun that i had blackened. But, Now, This may be my last entry. For.. I have died."

Your troops find this letter once you reached the semi-large island that had somehow wilted. Its up to you to help with the spread and hopefully stop it from reaching your hometown. Do you have what it takes?

.:: Rules ::.

.::1::. No bullying. You will be removed on contact.

.::2::. No sexual content. There are youngins in this group who wish to stay as innocent as they can. No sexual content or you will be removed on contact.

.::3::. Dont cuss too much. Not everyone is comfortable. However, Mild words such as A** or B**** are allowed. Dont be going around dropping F or N bombs.

.::3::. Dont controll characters that do not belong to you. Its annoying.

.::4::. Romance is allowed but it isnt the whole story. Stay close to the plot.

.::5::. Dont be off in space. For instance, Say they are fighting someone and your sitting there drinking tea. It dosnt make sense and is not close to the plot line. Like above, stay close to the plot.

.::6::. Be literate.

.::7::. Do not always solve the problems instantly. It leaves no actions and it kinda Mary Sue-Ish. You cannot be a main solution to EVERYTHING. It makes the rp boring.

.::8::. Accept my reminders to rp. I do not enjoy how fast groups die and do not aim on letting this one go down so easily.

.::9::. Do not be a mary sue (A character that can do almost anything possible except for die) It makes your character annoying and we do not enjoy rping with Mary Sues. (Do notice i used to be a Mary Sue owner as well XD It hits the best of us. But i will tell you if your character starts to be annoying. )

.::10::. Have fun.


† Characters †

Karmine (Owned By MelloJello)

Cadium (Owned by LeafStorm)

Belamy (Owned by ZaynIloveZayn )


MelloJello (Main Admin)

*Accepting Admin Admissions. Taking only one more person*

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Karmine noticed his change in breath, he seemed to hyperventilate. She sat her backpack down, unsure of what to do or simply say, "D..Do you need a inhaler....?" She raised an eyebrow.


"No," Cadium snaps, knuckles white on the armrests. They're taking off, and Cadi's just begun to hyperventilate, squeezing his eyes shut tight. Sweat beads at his forehead, and he can feel his third eye flickering into focus. Right now, he honestly couldn't care less. With his stomach lurching and vessel's voice screaming in his head, he just kinda wants to die.


Karmine had noticed the glare and how curtly he turned away.
"S...Sorry... I didn't mean to bother you. I could.... Move to another seat if you want.." She set her hand on the backpack, in case she needed to quickly move past him.


"He- hello...," a small, feminine voice sounds from Cadium's left. He turns, coming face to face with a girl around his age, wide, dull eyes peeking up at him nervously from behind blonde fringe.
He hadn't even noticed her when he'd sat down.
Cadium musters up his best mildly annoyed glare, turning away from the girl. All he wants is to be left alone during this plane ride. He hates flying. It's one of his vessels instilled fears, one he can't seem to shake loose.

RP starter  

Karmine twiddled her fingers nervously, sitting in one of the many seats of the plane. She peered next to her towards the person that sat next to her (This can be anybody). "He....Hello..." She nervously smiled, her hair covering her rather dull colored eyes.



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