Zombie apocalypse

Citizens of such were having a pleseant time in the United States...Until suddenly one day, A zombie apocalypse happened. Over thousands of people had gotten infected across the country, the virus was spreading fast. No one could survive....unless they are a part of the Apocalypse Team. The Team leader: Sang. She is shy, but has the heart of a beast. The brawler: MeloDIE Cheyenne Keller. She can be one vicious girl, but is sweet on the inside. Weapon expert: Jinx. One hell of a kitty, but can dare herself to make anything dangerous. The brains: Ally. She is a wizard, the most gentle one in the group. The medic: Leah. She is busy, but can help others anytime. Speed fighter: Rar. He can be clumsy or dumb or silly, but he can start one hell of a good fight. The Mascot: Janak. He does wear high heels and he is the drama queen, but he can also be the greatest mascot of them all. The guy who dies first: L.A. She dies most of the time, but can be brought back to life and doesn't give a damn.

Your panicked, it's dark, the screams of innocents and the sirens of emergency vehicles wail in the distance. You feel lost, your afraid. And soon something grabs your hand. You nearly scream until the reassuring voice murmurs in your ear, "come with me, your safe"
You follow blindly and stumble behind the stranger. Moonlight casts a glow on silhouettes of limping zombies and running pedestrians. Utter chaos.
Your guide pulls you into a building and shuts the door behind you. You hear them bolt the door shut.
They strike a match and you see their face for the first time.
"Welcome to the team", they say with a smile

Leader- Sang
Brawler- MelloDIE
Weapons expert- Jinx
Brains- Ally
Medic- Leah
Speed fighter- Rar
Mascot- Janak
The one that usually dies- L.A.
Mayu- zombie helper
((Sorry for making this invite only, this group is just for a small gathering of role players))

Group founded by jayfeatherrocks

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Sang narrowed eyes at the zombie, still holding the wound on her neck, "We can manage this ourselves, thanks!" She hissed harshly, feeling her eyes shift to a lifeless white color, a sign of changing, she shook her head, regretting the words, and the action, it seemed she had no control of her mouth, "Im sorry, Just....." she trailed off, not knowing how to finish her sentence.


Leah felt a bit embarrassed at the fact that she had to be rescued by someone who was potentially more injured her. She flattened her spotted ears sheepishly. "Eh... Thanks", she mumbled, trying to ignore the blood running down her leg and dripping from her shoe.


mayus eyes widened... "please... d-doonnt huurtt me!" she said slowly backing up only to run into a tree.


Sang picked up Leah, setting her on her shoulders before unseathing an blade infornt of Mayu.



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