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Agree completely...

Make a lot of friends, always comment on others drawings and be polite to other Queeky members.

I have met so many good friends here. If someone asks a question about the tools and techniques be helpful if you know the answer and if you don't know ask others that may know.

I have never thought to post a speed paint video on you tube but that is an excellent idea.

When I see amazing pictures that have been drawn on queeky I always watch the animation.

I too have learned from others, it is amazing to watch a great artist create thier masterpieces and like Peter says you can learn a lot this way.

Most of all just have fun and draw lots and the better you get the more comments you will recieve.

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the best way to get comments ...

The best way to get comments is #1: to comment on others peoples work, and #2 to get really good at the tool so that it draws an audience. I see both techniques kinda working together, because the more you look at other peoples work--if you observe thoughtfully, and with an eye towards learning, the better you can become. I personally have stolen a lot of technique from replaying other drawings that I admire, haha. Smile

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more comments


there are many ways to get more traffic:

make a video (google for screencapture software) of your animated drawing and upload it to youtube. tag it as "speed-paint". dont forget to post a link to your queeky original, so youtube users can find them and write commentstell all your friends of your queeky page ( )write more comments to other queeky users picturesmake lots of queeky friendsask pro queeky users how to create amazing drawings, maybe they have some good tips for you

Im shure this will help Smile