What is your favourite Queeky feature?

60% (50 votes)
12% (10 votes)
Art Player
7% (6 votes)
Send Ecards
0% (0 votes)
View animated drawings
18% (15 votes)
Variate drawings
2% (2 votes)
Total votes: 83



AnimeHusky's picture
i love multi draw

i think multi draw is best because you can interact with other users while doing what you love--draw. If you're lonely at home, like I am, you can just hook up to multi draw and talk to other users and draw.

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Kazuko's picture
mine is

i like queeky paint and viewing the drawing

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midnightmermaid89's picture
my favourite is

my favourite is queekypaint

ecards isn't a feature is it????

tbh no