What tools do you use more in queeky - mouse or tablet?

55% (572 votes)
32% (337 votes)
6% (65 votes)
I'm only watching animated drawings
6% (64 votes)
Total votes: 1038



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Oh it is still more inconvenient than mouse, my mouse is damaged and surely need one to draw proper ...Better series: tablet > mouse > trackpad ... (i think)!! But then, what to do my drawings are out of track with this track pad, LOL!!! Laughing out loud:D:D:D

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I don't have a tablet... well I have but i don't use it and i don't know how to use it... so ... mouse mouse mouse

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Mouse mouse mouse!!!

I use the mouse. It used to be difficult but now I'm getting used to it. Well I will get a tablet one day (hopefully)...

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I draw using a mouse,and that makes it very difficult. I wish I could use a tablet...Sad

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im drawing with a mouse! but

im drawing with a mouse! but im getting a tablet on my birthday after a year with a mouse!


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started off with my mouse, and drew pretty good with it after some practice, but then got a pen and tablet. As a result, if I draw with a mouse now, I am absolutely terrible. XP I love my pen so much, that I use it for everything online, and my poor little mouse just sits beside me, all sad and unused. Well, I still use it, but only for right clicking. Smile I am impressed by all the mouse artists out there; I don't know how they make such beautiful pictures with it. I can imagine how much they might even improve with a pen and tablet, too! But sometimes I think it's a choice of what you feel most comfy with. My pen fits perfectly in my hand, and now my mouse just feels like a big clunky thing to draw with. Tongue

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i have the SAME exact story lolz


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I am glad I asked this question because I thought I was the only one who uses a mouse. I think if I had a tablet (what ever that is) it would be a lot easier to draw and faster too.

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I really wish I had a tablet... but I draw with the mouse. Lucky for me, I draw good with it. Hehheh. And I'm not a teen yet.

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Mouse and tablet

I like using a mouse more but using my tablet does help me draw better. I'm not use to sketching on a computer. LOL

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ugh.. mouse

i use a mouse with my right (non-dominant) because the only way ive learned to use a mouse was with my right hand when i actually draw with my left hand.

so in gerneral i produce crud on a stick lolz Tongue

i envy you evil people with tablets and junk. Shock

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I use Tablet well my laptop is a Tablet.

I always have a hard time drawing..

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I use a...

I use a mouse. I don't even own a tablet, but I truly want one!!!

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I use a mouse I find tablets hard to use

tbh no

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i draw my first pictures with

i draw my first pictures with mouse,now with tablet and it is better

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hmm ...

No mouse, no tablet - I use the trackpad of my laptop Smile

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I wish I wasn't so poor. =[

I wish I wasn't so poor. =[ about how much does a decent tablet cost?

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lol at 59%

all hail to 59% poor people without tablet!!! including me.....

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seriously =(

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sadly mouse only :(

i dnt av a tablet atm n using a mouse is reeli hard 2 draw propa nice drawings... i think with a tablet i cud draw much more quikly and more detailed drawings ... o well jus gunna av 2 w8 Sad

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same here

i dnt av a tablet eitha. I m stck w/ nly a mouse. Its vry frstrating 2 draw w/ a mouse!!!!

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It has resurrected what I thought was a dead tablet!

I started off with my wireless mouse because I thought my tablet was not working. In frustration because I couldn't get fine enough control I tried the tablet and it came back to life Smile

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Yeah . İ difficult without

Yeah . İ difficult without that. But I can use mouse carrefully enought


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i don't understand how anyone can draw without a tablet.

(l l)
(o o)
( )

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Beautiful drawings...

I have friends that do not use a tablet and can make absolutely beautiful drawings with more detail that you can even imagine. But they started out drawing with a mouse. I even have one friend that started out drawing with a mouse and bought a tablet and tried it a few times and put it back in the box and never tried it again.

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Tell him/her...

its a waste... maybe he/she want to give it to me :3

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