QueekyPaint API

QueekyPaint API beta

Use our new API to add QueekyPaint to your personal blog or website. Customize tools and gallery background.

Setup is free and easy, all you need is a Queeky account.

What can I do with this?

Use our API to embed QueekyPaint plus your dedicated gallery into your homepage. The gallery displays all the images that have been created with your personal API-Key. Your personal key will be automatically created by generating the Javascript-Code.

To edit any image out of the web, you may want to use our simple image API:


(By using our API you agree with our terms of use)

How does it work?

Setup your tools in three simple steps:

  • Register Queeky account
  • Generate Javascript Code
  • Paste code into your website

Generate Javascript Code

Enter the domain where you want to embed QueekyPaint:

General settingsSkin: Background-Color:

Choose skin and customize background color.

QueekyPaint settingsWidth: Height:

The dimensions of your drawing tools. Enter a percent value or plain number

Gallery settingsWidth: Height:

The dimensions of your gallery. Enter a percent value or plain number

You need to be logged in to create the API Code. Please login to use the QueekyPaint API.