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Queeky Premium


Premium is a service dedicated to our most beloved artists.
You can't buy Queeky Premium with money.
It's an achievement.
Earn a Queeky Gold-Medal and enjoy additional features:

Real Videos

For premium users, all published drawings will be transcoded to a real video.

  • Plays on tablet and mobile
  • HTML5 Video player
  • automatic transcoding for all drawings, not only top-rated
  • compatible to YouTube

Ad Free Profile

The profile page of premium members is completely freed from ads ...

  • No matter if logged in or not.
  • No matter if you're a member or not.
  • No matter if desktop, tablet or mobile device.



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This is weird.

~Fox Forever <3

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Queeky Points

To achieve Premium you need at least 5000 Queeky Points (which is a gold medal).

In the statistic section of your profile page you can see your current Points next to the Ranking.

You can earn Queeky Points by creating cool stuff. The more comments and votes you get on your drawings, the more Queeky Points you will earn. The more comments and votes you do, the more people will give you comments and votes as well.

The Points and statistics are updated once a week.

Queeky admin

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Can't figure out where my statistics are listed. :/

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is great. Thank you!

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thank you!

thank you!

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Thank you

Since I've been a member and that has been many years, you have made Queeky the very best drawing site on the internet. For that I am truly grateful to have a place I can count on to come and do my drawings, keep my artwork and meet new artist. Thank you so much!

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Thank You

Thank You

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Many thanks for these

Many thanks for these tools,they are excellent Smile


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This is great! Thank you!

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thanks for the hard work queeky!!