Ahiri's journal


me when im bored and have nothing to do but sit and do this-

I'm taking a break!

Quarantine has got me, I'm having some difficulties haha
Have a nice day

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Another quarantine goes by. It's been at least... 45 days?
What do you guys do during quarantine?
I watch movies and Netflix or just chill and draw.
I've lately been really bored because there's really nothing to do for me.
If y'all have e-learning, does it end soon for you guys? It's killing me.

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My Life Rn

My gosh, how's everyone doing.

E-Learning is such crap, and I really don't like it.

Lmao, I forgot to do assignments and now I'm triggered.

Anyways had a nice early bday part hope y'all had a great day today or something.


-puddi puddi

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