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News, and Updates#1

Hello Artists, Mail ArtistWings- 5:17 PM 12/30/11
I'm very excited because, I've gotten a Tablet now! It's going to be WAY easier doing art on here, and I'll be able to draw much nicer. I know this is my first Entry, but I couldn't find anything important or special to talk about before.

I'll probably do some Drawing tutorials, since this site is perfect for it! Since it'll be closer to drawing on paper, I'll be more comfortable drawing, and teaching. I'm no master at digital art, and drawing, but I'd love to share what I know. I'm mostly experienced with drawing Sonic Characters, so I'll probably start with them. Of course, you can request other things if you'd like!
I'm also thinking of making Comics on here. I guess it'll be teaching also, because you can watch how I did it as well. Smile

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