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omg ive beeen gone forever

wow i havent been on this in ages, i lost inspiration and then slowly faded. but now im back but I won't be doing as much as I used too i have homework, and other stuff to get on with

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I was going to try and do some more abstract but they all turned out wrong so at the moment they are stuck in my unpublished folder because I didn't want to block up queeky with a load of crap that won't get that many votes or views so can you guys give me some like I dunno ideas (easy of course)

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I know a secret

There is this guy (no he will not be named) h asked me for advice for asking a girl out (she will not be named either) DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR ME TO GIVE TO HIM


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Old contest over

Ages ago i did a fairy dust contest!!! Only three people entered but only one can win and become one of the main fairy dust girls!!!!!!! Because I loved all the entrees the two runners up will become helpers too the main ones Smile

Joint 2nd place: midnightmermaid89 and navyscone1
1st Place: lightmermaid36

It was really really hard too choose Puzzled

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