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Why do I paint?

I get asked this question a lot--especially at home when I am working on a canvas or other mediums like rocks--I have so many painted rocks. It all began with rocks for me. I am soon to be 62 and prior to 2003 I did not have a creative bone in my body. My mom was an artist and a brother with amazing musical talent and so on. I always felt the creative gene just kind of skipped me.

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The Story of Grace--if you want a smile--read this.

What does a grandmother do when grandaughter number one shows up with a newly hatched sparrow that she rescued from the neighborhood nest raider?

Well, not knowing where the baby bird actually came from---it fell to me to care for baby bird while teaching about animals of the wild.

This is the story of "Grace"--so named because she managed to survive! The nest raider was determined to get "his" bird back while the stepfather was equally determined to toss her to her death.
That is how this helpless baby landed at my door step along with a frantic grandchild.

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Queeky has been a life saver...

I have always loved art--in all its various forms. Finding this site and meeting the many wonderful and supportive people here has really helped me more than you know. I have been disabled for the past 10 yrs. and being here is 100% relaxing as well as fun.
Add to that the fact and I have learned so much from others here. I continue on my quest to learn and improve.

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Ok so it took 3 years!

I joined Queeky in 2010 I believe and not until a few days ago did I publish. I have been here--playing with the cool toys but really not confident with this means of art expression. I am still learning and not totally comfortable but I am glad I have finally done it--it really is fun as well as a learning experience for me.

My painting medium is mostly Rocks--yes I paint on rocks, wood and many other odd materials. Then of course my old stand by--art pad and canvas.

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