Donnie's journal

Five Stars!! Or maybe not.

I've been noticing alot of people here on Queeky have been commenting on pictures and adding this popular emoticon, Five stars .
But not actually rating the drawing they commented on with five stars. Now, I may be wrong but when someone says the picture is beautiful and adds the five star emoticon, one might expect to actually recieve the appraised five stars.
Although I hear alot of people on here forget to add the five stars, but comment with good intentions too. But after a few times of seeing the same person say, "Great draw, five stars!!" and not add five stars, I wonder why.

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Multidraw Password!

Is there a way I can see what my Multidraw rooms password is?
I made the room and set the password carefully, typing it in slowly to make sure I didn't make a typo in the password field, but then when it asks me for my password to the room, the password I set before doesn't work Tired

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