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I'm still alive guys


I haven't posted a journal here in over 2 years!!!!!!
I am still alive. Just been busy as heck with things.
And I will try to be more active here. So that's all really. Innocent

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I feel pretty sad because I year ago tomorrow, a friend that our family knew was killed in a car wreck when he lost control of the car somehow, and rolled into a field and he probably died on impact. Then fuel spilled out of the car and caught fire. So yeah. So that's why I'm going to be depressed/ grieving tomorrow. He was my brother's age but he was a year younger. His younger sister is my age.

So yeah... Sad
Blessed Be. )O(

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Rock Artists and Bands I Love

I started getting a thing for rock artists about 2 years ago around the beginning of 9th grade. With bands like mainly Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, and Motley Crue. Also with a little bit of Queen and Black Sabbath. I still really love all those bands so yeah. Thought I should share that. And Green Day.

Laughing out loud
Music is awesome like Prussia. Wink

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I got Sunburn

Since our school had a field day today, we were outside all day today. It was fun and I got to smash an old car with a big hammer. Now I have sunburn on my arms and face. My right arm got more burned than my left arm did. It stings a little bit on the arms. My cheeks and forehead are red but they don't sting. Sad
Time to get aloe gel. And wear sunscreen.

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May 21

It has now been a year since my friend killed himself. I didn't do the ritual I was planning to do since it was raining last night. And I had testing and needed to sleep.
But I wore all black today. So blessed be.

Blessed Be.

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I'm staying up all night tonight outside for a vigil. If you're wondering what the vigil is for, it's for my one friend who killed himself and it will be a year on May 21. So I will be lighting 5 candles, 4 white and one black along with some herbs. I was preparing this for a month or so... Sad

Blessed Be.

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