IamTheThorn's journal

Im sick ;A;

i dont know if ill be drawing for awhile
I got a fever and i dont feel so good Sad
plus queeky aint working with me
theres a loading error still :/

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the time i want to draw, queeky paint doesnt WORK!
it just says "loading 0%" and a pinkbar at the bottom
gets me mad. i really wanted to draw.
hmmmpff ah well. post if u want me to comment
some of your drawings. nothing else to do.lol

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Rate for rate and comment for comment Laughing out loud

Just post a comment here if u need any rates or comments...

Im bored right now and got some time to spare before bed

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Ok i wana knowmy ranking...
I know im new, but do i have to wait to get a rank?
or get more rates and all that, cuz right now i dont have a rank.

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Art block!!!

Hey guys! I need ur help!!! I have no idea what to draw -sniffsniff-
Pls give me some suggestions, i also need practice too :Cool

au revoir

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