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i am so freaking tired of this.

i hate it when people steal. HATE IT. i don't get why the hell they do it. it is so freaking selfish, lazy, and annoying, not to mention insulting. there's also the fact that it is ILLEGAL. YOU HEAR THAT? ILLEGAL. you know who you are. i want to do something about it, i really do, but i don't know how. i am just so freaking frustrated and angry right now. stealing and tracing is throwing someone else's hard work away, just like that. it doesn't freaking matter if they're OMIGOD SO MUCH BETTER than you. TRACING AND JUST PLAIN STEALING DON'T HELP YOU IMPROVE OR BE A WELL RESPECTED ARTIST.

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Hey guys i scanned a drawing and saved it as a PDF. I want to upload it to Queeky, but it doesn't allow PDF files!!! How do I convert it??? Plz comment (WITH HELP)!!!!

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Hey you guys, I be posting a story im working on soon, here's the prologue!


The tiny kit opened her eyes. Everything was blurry. Suddenly, something big and warm and wet rasped over her ear.
The kit heard a voice.
"Leafy. I'll call you Leafy. Your eyes are green like a spring leaf, and your fur red like an autumn leaf. It suits you well."
As her mother gave her another big lick, Leafy closed her eyes and slept.

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Anyway peeps, you probably don't care, but I HAS TONS OF HOMEWORK PLUS A SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT COMING UP SO I CAN'T DRAW FOR A WHILE!!!!!!!! There. I said it. Happy? Probably not. Weeeell bye! XD

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