RitaSama's journal

Hello Frieeends :D

I'm Rita
I don't know what to say Laughing out loud hhehe
ähmm I REALLY BORED the last two weeks ._.
and don't know what to do Laughing out loud
I will draw in Manga and Anime-style xD

My favorite character is Sakura Haruno (from the Anime Naruto... Tongue)
hhh xD

And now something about me:
I spaek english german and russian hihiih ^^

here's a piece of my Art Laughing out loud
just enjoy ^^ and tell if you like it o not ;S

*aaaaah can't upload the picture =='*

ciau ;D

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Smile Hello my name is RitaSama
I am 15 years old
I love it to draw in Animestyle LoL
hheehehh ^-^

let be friends Laughing out loud
hmm any questions?? Laughing out loud hhehhehehe

Yeaah and my favorite character is Sakura Haruno from the anime Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden hheeh Wink

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