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Hey everybody!

Hey peoplez.
I just want to say that my Mum has had her....10th baby, on the 15 of this month! And it a boy!!! His name is Solomon Shiloh Cairns. And he is so cute. He has lots of brothers and sisters to love him. He is already and Uncle of 3! Lol.
We are really happy to have him in our family:exmark:

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Another wet day in New Zealand

Hi everyone!
It is a wet, cold, rainy day here in the good ol' South. I am not in the mood for another inside day. Especially when you have 1....3....6....7, yes 7 people/kids running around your ankles! Argh, what a life. Lol.
I have renewed hope in drawing some good pictures on Queeky. Its amazing how a little encouragement can fire up the soul to try, try, try again.
Today....what have I done today....think.....I have sat on the couch and read a book. That makes me sound lazy. =P

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About Me

Hello everyone!
I am a 16 year old girl and I live in New Zealand, South Island. I am home schooled and I love to draw. I have never done drawing online before, so I am really bad at it. I have been having trouble figuring this site out. It is all so confusing. So I hope to get some tips from people who know what they are doing.
I think it is amazing how much talent some people on this site have! I wish you could share it all around.
Well, I got nothing much else to say. Hope to make some friends on here.
Selle77 Big smile

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