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Because there were some irritations about the autosave feature, it has been disabled by default.
You can still enable it under "File -> Autosave".

If you enable autosave, you will be asked to allow QueekyPaint to save your drawing data to your computer.
You need to allow local storage for autosave to work properly. If you allow, your drawing will be saved automatically from time to time, so if your browser should crash or close without saving, you will be able to reload your work using "File -> Load Session -> YourDrawingTitle".

Feel free to ask if there are any further questions Wink

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Queeky Podcast

Since today the first Queeky Podcast is available for free at the ITunes store.
You can now download the best drawings from our monthly ITunes competition, and watch them on your mobile phone, TV or video frame.

Click here to check out the new Podcast in the ITunes store:

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