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Flight(Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

“Hey! Wait up!”
I slowed down enough for the boy who looked about 16 with light gray wings with black tips on his wings.
“What do you want?” I said flapping my wings hard to keep balanced.
“Um, are you going to say thanks?”
I stared at him. "Why would I-" I stopped and realized that he was like me. I mean with wings and all. "Sorry, uh thanks for saving me back there."
He laughed lightly and smiled. “Oh it was nothing my buddy was the one who blew out the wall.” Buddy? I thought he was alone. Then another boy flew into the boy’s side, making him wheeze.

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Hm, being faced with death is pretty scary for a 15 year old like me. I mean how many of YOU have stared death in the face? Most of you probably aren’t alive to tell us humans. Wait. I’m not human. And no. I’m not like a lizard or anything but I’m special.
“Come out, come out and let me EAT YOU!”
The footsteps got closer. Oh god, please. Please don’t let me die here. I looked around quickly. If I could find a window…

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The Gold Wolf With The Blue Eyes (part1)

This well...this is my story, the story about myself, my name isnt important right now but you'll find out soon enough.
Here is how my story begins...

"BIRD WAIT UP!" I bark running on my pup legs trying to follow my older brother.

"Come on slow poke, I dont want to have to slow down for you!" Bird said but then he suddenly stopped.

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