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Help please

I was looking through what I have, and realized just how random all my drawings are. I was wondering if there is any way to organize them. If anyone knows, please comment on my home page. Thank you.

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The Possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!

There are between 3 million and 10 million species of animals on Earth. That is a lot of animals. There are millions of places and hundreds of countries they can be placed in. There are many places that have yet to be explored (which I think should never be explored. Most places are more beautiful when they are left untouched). Their are millions of inventions to which they could interact with, and there are even more possibilities on them interacting with each other, and other countless ways you can put them together into some folklore creature, or a fantasy world.

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I am back!

I haven't been on this site for some time, and I have finally got to it once again. I have to say I am thankful I got started again. Laughing out loud

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Day 2

I have started an eagle drawing that I think everybody will love. I am taking my time so it should end up looking realistic when completed. It is a golden eagle with a wing folded. Though I have not figured out what the background is going to be, the set up is really good. I am looking forward to finishing it.

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I just started today and love it. The pictures I have seen on here are amazingly beautiful. I am glad I took the time to find this site.

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